About Jeetujayson Raju

My Story

I started my first company back in 2018 developing VR technology for architectural visualization. Later in 2019 after I nearly died due to food poisoning I started coaching people in similar situations. This is something that I am passionate about and I do this for free. In early 2020 I started my current venture that is the business of making people famous. I took the first step by offering press releases services on FOX, ABC, NBC, and many other to my clients under the company name Impact Press Releases.

Press releases being a narrow niche I expanded into featured news articles on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance! etc. This also meant that I started writing for many publications as a news contributor. So I changed the company name to Impact Media which I am currently running at full throttle.

I have founded many startups across many fields in my career. My first company was in the tech industry called CAD CUBE 360 providing 3D Visualization, Computer Aided Design and VR technology services for many film and architectural projects. 

I am also a mental health advocate and have a not for profit community built on Facebook to help people suffering from depression and PTSD. 

I am the founder and CEO of the company Impact Media initially known as Impact Press Releases. It’s a PR agency that helps clients with mass exposure on many top news publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance!, California Herald, Disrupt Magazine etc. 

I look at life from both angles liberal and conservative. This allows me to look at each situation with a fresh take without prejudice. Since I draw my conclusions after the facts are in my understanding of life is a bit deeper than others. I look at problems from a unique vantage point. 


Plus my exposure to multiple industries has helped me cross innovate and solve critical problems in all of my present and past companies. 

Apart from this, I am also a programmer and have developed custom automation software for use internally in my company. This gives me an edge over others who don’t use much tech in their businesses.

Feedback & Reviews

I have worked with celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs this is what they have to say about my service

“ I contacted Jeetujayson for some PR and Marketing help and he did a very very good job.  Nothing but good things to say about Jeetujayson and I highly recommend him if  you need him for any PR work or any press releases and stuff like that”

Chase Tang

Netflix Actor & Supervillain

“Jeetu did a fantastic article & I highly recommend him. He is a great guy”

Keith Mason

International Rugby Player & Actor

“I am truly impressed not only with the quality of work but also customer service. The media coverage helped me position myself as an expert in my field & also helped me get a few appearances on local TV”

Jacob Sapochnick

Immigration Lawyer & Entrepreneur

What Can I Do for You?

I can help get press coverage and help you position yourself as an expert in your field. In this day and age social proof is a must have to help you build and grow your business.

I am a celebrity PR agent

I can help you get press coverage and help you become influential on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social platforms.

I’ve worked with not just celebrities but also lawyers, entrepreneurs, luxury real estate agents, coaches, etc.

My clients are from various backgrounds. From arts to business, I have worked with a variety of people during my career. And I hope to help more people across different arenas.

I can help you get noticed online so that the sales effort required to close deals are minimal.

Having a strong online presence goes a long way. You don’t have to struggle to close your deals anymore. Cold calls become warm calls simply because people  can look you up online and know more about you from reliable news publications. When you talk to someone they already have a good impression via your press coverage online. You would notice the difference when you talk to people. They are much more warm and act familiar.

Need Advice?

Book a call with me to understand how things work and how it can benefit you in building your brand. Explore the PR industry with me and get all your questions answered.